Fresh Natural Grown Licorice Root Powder 1 oz

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Fresh Natural Grown Licorice Root Powder 1 oz

Licorice has been used for thousands of years as a superior expectorant that is primarily used for respiratory problems

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The herb helps loosen phlegm and ease non-productive coughs. It is also very helpful for bronchitis, congestion and colds. As a demulcent, Licorice soothes mucous membranes and helps relieve sore throats. It is a wonderfully effective ingredient in cough medicines and cough drops as both a pleasant flavoring, as well as an expectorant and soothing agent.

Licorice is a wonderful support for good digestion and healthy gastrointestinal system. As a demulcent, the herb soothes the mucous membranes and protects the stomach and intestines.

It has been known to coat the stomach's lining with a mucus, rather than restraining the secretion of gastric acid (which would result in incomplete digestion) and reduce the activity of pepsin. Glycyrrhizinic acid also helps to inhibit enzymes that dismantle prostaglandins, which will help the stomach and upper intestine, allowing ulcers to heal more quickly. This activity may also protect the colon and treat ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, Celiac disease, gastritis and peptic ulcer.

As an antiviral, Licorice combats viruses, including influenza-A, hepatitis-B, Epstein-Barr virus (chronic fatigue) and holds promise for the treatment of HIV. Studies have shown Licorice to be effective in treating viral hepatitis, particularly chronic active hepatitis (under a doctor's care), due to its well-documented antiviral activity.

Licorice is sometimes called an adrenal-hormonal that is said to stimulate the production of interferon.

All Herbs used are cultivated on our Farm as well as the fiber is provided by the peaceful Alpacas, Llamas & Angora Goats that share our lives with us here at the Farm

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