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The Aztec had a rabbit god associated with the moon, who also presided over the imbibing of pulque, Mexico's very potent national alcholic beverage. The Shoshone developed a complex communal set-up for hunting rabbits, with an experienced hunter (named "the rabbit boss" by European settlers) determining the positioning of nets placed in a semi-circle.

Thomas Jefferson was a fancier of rabbits, and according to one of his former slaves named Issac, the master of Monticello "made chains for buck rabbits to keep them from killing the young ones." Coney Island, where the famous New York amusement park was located, was so named for the plentiful numbers of rabbits to be found there. "Coney" is an old-fashioned word for rabbit, used by J.R.R Tolkien in his "Fellowship of the Ring" (1954).

Compared to other meats, rabbit is lower in fat, higher in essential fatty acids, and higher in protein. Robert Daly, a former "New York Times" correspondent who also wrote the novel "Prince of the City" (1978), maintains that mountain rabbits taste better than plains rabbits. Debatable, but not the fact that rabbit really does taste like chicken.

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