Organic, Sprouted Oats

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Organic, Sprouted Oats

GLUTEN-FREE organic sprouted Oat Groats. Great for cooking and adding to soups. Suitable for flaking.

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To Your Health's sprouted and dried organic oat groats are ready to cook or go into your home roller for fresh flaked oats.

We sprout, dry, mill, and package our flour in-house. To Your Health is a family-owned small business. Hands-on and hand-made.


To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. offers organic sprouted grain flours and organic sprouted whole grains for home milling. Our flours are sprouted, dried, and milled on site. We always mill our flours fresh per order; they don\\\'t sit on a shelf or in a warehouse. We hope you will be ordering these nutritional flours and grains for yourself and your family.

The sprouting process converts the natural starches in the grains into digestible, simple vegetable sugars so YOUR BODY DIGESTS SPROUTED BREADS, FLOURS, AND PASTAS SIMILAR TO A VEGETABLE! Sprouting increases the grains\\\' vitamin C & carotene content, produces B vitamins & enzymes, & removes naturally occuring toxins that are present on the outside of all grains.

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Flour orders are freshly milled. They are not pulled from a shelf or warehouse. Certified organic and kosher.