Organically Grown Oranges

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Organically Grown Oranges

Marrs oranges have a thin peel and taste exceptionally sweet due to their low acidity, giving them a creamy finish.

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 20 lb. box$40.00

Season: Nov-Mar 

 10 lb. box$20.00

Season: Nov-Mar 

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I farm about 250 orange trees in Weslaco, Texas. Marrs is a navel orange budsport that is rarely grown outside of Texas. Because of it's sweetness and low acidity, it is perfect for juicing and snacking. I highly recommend these oranges for those who are cleansing or on a juice fast. Marrs oranges are a healthy alternative to sweets that contain refined sugars. Kids love them! Please be sure to pick out all the seeds for the little ones.

This fruit may have some external blemishes on its skin due to the winds that blow from the gulf coast. This appearance, however, does not affect the flavor of the fruit. I pick and pack this fruit myself. It is never dyed or gased. Instead, I pick it at the time of purchase and ship it directly to customers. These oranges are best when stored at room temperature. If stored in the refridgerator, the skin becomes hard but is still delicious after three weeks! My farming practices are minimal, all natural, and chemical-free. I disc the soil lightly only twice a year, spray biodynamics prepared by the Josephine Porter Institute once a year, and plant green manure such as cow/snow peas twice a year. I believe less is more.Taste for yourself...

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