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Organics Today Farms is an Organic Farm in East Islip, Long Island, We have over 70 seasonally grown items.,specializing in Heirloom Tomatoes,15 types of Lettuce, 4 types of eggplant, 7 types of Peppers,10 types of Squash, 2 types of watermelon,Pumpkins, 4 types of Beets, many leafy greens, garlic, 3 types of Onions,4 types of Zucchini and lots of other Organically grown produce.

We also offer Local Honey from our Bees, Grass fed Beef, Organic Chicken and other Meats, Preserves, Fresh Baked Pies,Bagged Compost and Aged Manure,Hand Crafted Soap, CSA Programs, Volunteer Programs, Community Service Fulfilment for Students, Class and Group Field Trips,Grape Vines, Trees, Bushes, hand made Birdhouses, Some Garden supplies and more.

All Products are Guaranteed.

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Listing last updated on Jul 6, 2012

We grow Heirloom Tomatoes (Purple cherokee,Tuscan Gold,German Pink, Beefsteak and San Marzano plum/pear), Snow Peas ,Fava Beans,Large leaf Spinach,Roman Basil,Cilantro, Italian Parsley, Chives ,Mint ,Broccoli ,Swiss Chard, Broccoli,Broccolini, Rapini, Bell Peppers,ItalianPeppers, Pepperoncini,4 Varieties of Eggplant ,Concord Grapes ,Niagra Grapes, Cucumbers,Raspberries,Zucchini,Squash,Garlic and Figs,Pumkins,. We also ship a variety of Trees,Shrubs,Grape Vines and Farm and GardenSupplies

Season:  May through October

Type:  single farm

# of Shares:  100

Full Share:   $500.00 for 20 weeks and 12 hours of work required

Work Req?  Yes: 0

Schedule and Location:

169 Washington Street, East islip

Schedule and Location:

The Farm at 169 Washington Street
East Islip
9am to 6pm
see website for addition farm stand locations

All produce is available to restaurants at wholesale prices

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