Orris Root

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Orris Root

Go Green! no pesticides, or ANY sprays,are ever used on my herbs! Buy inexpensive herbs, you get cheap quality herbs

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Orris Root, ( Iris germanica var. florentina) COMMON NAMES: Florentine Orris, Orris root.

Orris comes from the rhizome of the Iris florentina species,

In other applications, Orris Root powder is used for cosmetic purpose as a dry shampoo to remove grease and scent the hair.

Common use: Helps potpourri blends retain their scent.

NOTE: does NOT contain root skin, which make the root less aromatic.

Using a fixative preserves the fragrance of your potpourri by slowing down the evaporation of essential oils. You will need about a tablespoon of fixative to 2 pints of potpourri

Orris root blends well with Lavender and Rose.

These roots were just dug up this year.

This is in the powdered form only!

You can purchase this cheaper from companies that just "handle" ORRIS ROOT, but, they did not grow the plant and know nothing about the plant itself. You buy from these companies and you can be sure that the plants have been sprayed so that the people wouldn't lose the crop. My ORRIS ROOT is grown in the ground, with water, sunshine and produce compost and nothing else! I dig this myself, and grate it and prepare it in a powder form. You can' get much more natural than that!

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