CSA:  Osma Acres Farm

Operates: May-October

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Billy Lell
(906) 483-0586

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Osma Acres Farm now provides two types of membership options: Option 1. Full Share with no labor commitment.. Option 2: Half Share with no labor commitment. Members may volunteer for labor at the farm. Each farm labor hour earns Five dollars ($5) in produce for all contract options., this is roughly equivalent to $8+ worth of produce at retail prices. Membership fees are applied as prepayments for produce to be purchased by the member during harvest season. The farm grows a variety of vegetables. Members provide the farm with a list of their produce preferences prior to planting season. Members select their produce purchases from a list of available items each week during harvest season. Value of all produce is based on Local Retail Grocers prices less 15%.. The farm offers an opportunity to participate in the planting, tending, harvesting and consuming of farm fresh produce. Each member selects the level of farm participation and produce quantity desired.

CSA Details

Season:  May through October

Type:  single farm

Full Share:  $50 year Produce Price at Local Markets Price LESS 10%

1/2 Share:  $25 Year Produce Price at Local Markets Price LESS 5%.

Work Req?  No

Farming Practices

Our Drop Offs and Delivery Areas

Drop Off Point / Center of Delivery Area

Pick Up / Drop Off Points

Osma Acres Farm  (Sun Mon Wed Thu)
At the farm Mon, Tue, Fri 2PM-5PM and Thu 3PM-6PM May until Dec

Contact: Billy Lell
Phone: 906-483-0586
53464 Osma Acres Road
Houghton, MI 49931

Shopko Parking lot (near Shell station) in Houghton, MI. On Sharon Street. Each Saturday 10AM until Noon, July Through October  (Sat)
This is an alternate pick up site.Members may pick up their shares/orders by notifying the farm by Thursday to have their produce picked up at the park. Members have the option of the Park site or at the Farm.

Contact: Judy Lell or Billy Lell
Phone: 906-281-4949 or 906-483-0586
Shopko Parking lot, Sharon Ave, Houghton, MI 49931
Houghton, MI 49931