We are a small family farm, doing things as God/Nature designed. Our animals are raised on pasture, we are beyond Organic, we raise our animals Naturally, Holistically, Humanely. We use no store bought feed, except if we have to brood a batch, or to over winter our poultry & pigs (who can not live on hay alone). If we do have to buy feed, we get the most Natural feed we can find. We are our own primary customer, we sell the extra. The farm was established so that the owner could ensure that her children & Grandchildren would be eating healthy meat, not the junk offered at the stores. (She's also very opinionated!) The commercial food chain is more interested in profit than your health. We are more interested in our health than profit. But, we make more than we can eat, so we share. We do not sell culls, unless they are identified as such, we eat them.

We have Irish Dexter cattle, meat goats, meat (haired) sheep, Chickens for meat & eggs, Muscovy ducks (mostly fly control at this point), Red Wattle pigs. We will be getting bees, meat rabbits and turkeys next. We sell live off the farm & take reservations for meat animals when the calves are 6 months old, or the sheep/goats are 3 months old. You are welcome to come see your animal at anytime, all animals have tags. We can not let everyone interact w/ them, because of biosecurity issues. BUT, they can be seen from the road & the house, you can walk in the pasture (please bring rubber boots that can be sanitized). We will be installing Pasture cams covering all parts of the farm as budget allows. You will be able to log in over the Inet at anytime to checkup on the animals then. All animals are sold live. We prefer doing the kill at the farm, because we can ensure the most humane death that way.

All animals lead a happy, healthy, wholesome life on our farm & have the kindest death we can give them. A stressful death taints the meat (& the soul of the person who eats it.) We believe that a single night of eating strange food, in a strange stall at the processor's is not going to clear that taint.... it takes 2 weeks of calm to do that. We don't put ourselves above God/Nature, thinking we know more about how to raise animals than He/She does. We do our best to provide as close to the living situation that God/Nature designed them to live in. Our animals are castrated at the latest possible time to maximize Natural growth. They are given no hormones! Horned animals have horns. All animals are as God designed them to be. We just don't think we're smart enough to improve on His design.


Listing last updated on Jan 28, 2012

All natural All humane All happy All pasture raised

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