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Our Shepherds Farm has taken a position of going one step beyond the "organic" so called farm. We have been re-mineralizing our fields with Organic approved fertilizers. We use no pesticides, nor herbicides, and an antibiotic would only ever be used in the case of an extremely sick animal. (Antibiotics have destroyed many otherwise good farm fields, by destroying the soil microbes) We custom produce a large variety of meats, (pasture raised) using many heirloom breeds in poultry, and also pigs, and beef animals, when available, We further produce small fruit, as Raspberries, and strawberries, Then a full compliment of vegetables are available to order, for the following season. We also include honey, and some herbs as available. We are offering a Poultry only deal, where you determine ahead of time what other products you desire us to produce (from a large wish sheet) Those items will be available weekly (in season) on our local delivery truck, from the pickup locations nearest to your home. Email your location before placing an order. The region has some restrictions. Also: There are some perks for folks who go out and sell to several of your neighbors, so that we have a large enough stop to justify the weekly trip. See [ pilgrimsongs.net ] for details.


Listing last updated on Jan 20, 2011

Our Share cost covers only your purchase of poultry! The "share" allows you to special order items that you would like to see us produce, (from our wish list). Items on the wish list will be priced better, for they will be the things you and your neighbors desire to purchase, not stuff that no one wants, which wastes our time, and money, to be thrown away. We encourage folks to visit or farm through the season, so that you may see the way we produce your food.

Season:  June through December

Type:  single farm

Full Share:  Depends upon poultry order! Other items are per each based on local pricing.

1/2 Share:  See Web site. NOTE: Season runs from June to the following May if cold cellar items are requested

Work Req?  No

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