Family Custom Farm: We raise Poultry as a semi prepaid CSA.

Most other products, Vegetables, small fruit, Grains, Honey, and more, are produced on organically certifiable soils using organic type methods. The soils have been held without any antibiotics or other non organic additions for a period of at least seventeen years. We have been enriching soils, and bringing the nutrients into a ratio balance, proper for nutrient rich produce and other crops. All of our livestock from the Cornish Game hens to Steers, are raised on open pasture or in movable pens on pasture. We use NO GMOs and NO SOY also REDUCED CORN in our feeds.

Our pastured pigs, in movable pens "plow" our garden beds for us in preparation for planting our vegetable crops. This allows the pigs to do what they like best to root in the soil, while saving us time and fuel for our tractors. This also allows the pigs to have a much more natural diet of roots, grubs, and living plants, in addition to the grain we feed them. Our few Dairy cows save us fuel by grazing the fields we would otherwise have to regularly mow. We still have to mow and bale hay for the winter feed, and that includes the tender clovers we cut small and bale for our chickens to have for winter graze, to improve the health of our chickens and other poultry, and to allow them to produce summer eggs in the winter months.


Listing last updated on Mar 14, 2011

Our target area, where we DELIVER your food to pick up, is an area between Dundee, and Rochester. And yes though we are a Modified CSA we deliver to save having so many vehicles driving so far to get healthy products such as Meat, Eggs, and Plant products. We also have products from the Bee Hive. As the Bee Guy we control and or remove unwanted "bees" from yards and homes, using absolutely no poisons, or sprays. Further we encourage the Vespids to live on our farm to control the pests.

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