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Owen farm is a small New England farm that follows sustainable agriculture practices. We are located in Hopkinton, NH. Our farm consists of a beautiful old colonial house and barn, several small outbuildings and lovely fields and stonewalls. There are numerous walking trails, a small brook and a pond on the property. The animals consist of three Guernsey milk cows, several mixed breeds of beef cattle, a pig or two, laying hens, occaisonally turkeys, a mixed flock of sheep and several Arabian horses. The farm also has a large seasonal garden that is mainly used to provide fresh produce during the growing season and vegetables for canning.

Farm tours are offered, but prior arrangements/coordination is needed. Volunteers/internships are appreciated and we encourage all interested to contact us to discuss these options further.

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Farm tours, homesteading workshops, farm camps. Grass fed beef and lamb, pastured poultry and pork. Wool and sheep skins.

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Eggs and occaisonal produce.
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Great farm and wonderful place to get back to basics....

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