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Our Farm specializes in all natural/no chemical grains, particularly wheat and heirloom flint corn. we produce ancient grains, including Einkorn and Emmer for production to local breweries and home brewers. Our farm is specifically non/anti-GMO, our methods are Sustainable, Holistic and Biodynamic in our farm management system. We are supportive of locally grown products and Kentucky Proud Certified. We are supportive of Sustainable Agricultural methods. I am the manager of the AGFOLK cooperative, which produces additional ancient raw products for breweries and home brewers, including yeast, seeds, and alternatives to hops, such as as Norway spruce tips.

we welcome contact by any interested parties. Please feel free to drop us an e-mail.

Listing last updated on Oct 14, 2014

Active Partnerships: AGFOLK---> AGFOLK Labs, AGFOLK CSA, James Martin/R&D Friendships: ---> Moonlight Brewing Company, California, Brian Hunt, owner/operator ---> AGFOLK Malthouse.

Season:  September through March

Type:  multiple farm

Since:  2014

# of Shares:  300

Full Share:  $350/Year

Work Req?  No

Direct sale of processed ancient grains, including Einkorn, Emmer and other grains to breweries.

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Mr. Owens provided me with as much information as I needed and more. He was unable to provide what I was looking for, but made up for it with info on how I could grow it myself.... [more]

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