Owens Farm

We grow all natural/no chemical grains, including wheats and corn. We have 65 acres we use seasonally. we raise heritage poultry for show and sale, including Game fowl and Rare Silver Sussex hens. We have Crossbred Goats for Meat sales and occasional horse sales. (mixed breeds). we produce ancient grains, including Einkorn and Emmer. we are specifically non/anti-GMO, we also support the humane lifestyle of free range, grass fed animals. our methods are Sustainable, Holistic and Biodynamic in our farm management system. we are supportive of locally grown products and Kentucky Proud certified. We are supportive of Sustainable Agricultural methods.

we are a small farming operation, but are rapidly expanding. we welcome contact by any interested parties. Please feel free to drop us an e-mail.

Listing last updated on Jun 8, 2014

Connected with Chase brewing company: https://www.facebook.com/chase.brewingco.5?fref=ts&ref=br_tf Connected with Green Acres sustainable goat farm. (no website yet) Active Partnership: Doyle Stephens, Longrifle Farm, Grain and Mushroom production.

Season:  September through May

Type:  multiple farm

Since:  2014

Full Share:  undetermined

Work Req?  No

Direct sell of Heirloom corn to local Heritage poultry farmers. Heritage Poultry production and direct sales. Direct sale of processed ancient grains, including Einkorn,Emmer and Heirloom Flint corn to private individuals and businesses. Seasonal/yearly Vegetable production and direct sales to individuals.

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Mr. Owens provided me with as much information as I needed and more. He was unable to provide what I was looking for, but made up for it with info on how I could grow it myself.... [more]

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