Paca Poo Soil Enhancer

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Paca Poo Soil Enhancer

100% Alpaca Poop sun dried and bagged for creating your own soil enhancer or plant food.

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Alpaca poop is comparatively high in nitrogen and potassium as compared to other barnyard animals. This indicates it's a good value fertilizer. (Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the major plant nutrients; they are the familiar N-P-K on fertilizer bags.) Phosphorus is relatively low--but it is low in most other livestock manure as well while the Calcium and magnesium content is about average. Overall it's a fantastic soil enhancer! Your plants will thank you for it !

Our poop is dried in the sun and then packaged in these bio-degradable burlap bags. Simply soak the bag in a couple of gallons of water for an hour or two and you have a high nutrient plant food. Remove the bag from the water and lay out to dry. The bag can be used several more times. Bury the bag in the ground near a tree or plant to continue to provide nutrients to the soil.

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Lustrous alpaca fiber that is extremely soft and warm. Alpaca is lighter weight than wool and can be worn directly against your skin without leaving you scratching and itchy. Alpaca can be used in many forms including Raw fleece for spinning into your own yarn or felting for fun crafts and useful items such as hats, vests and purses. Alpaca socks are great for both summer and winter to keep your feet warm and dry.

Alpaca - warmer and lighter than wool, hypoallergenic, incredibly soft, see for yourself !