Painted Hand Farm

The Painted Hand Farm offers naturally raised chevon (kid and goat meat), guilt-free veal, pastured poultry and pastured pork. In 2000, we purchased an old farm that had been seriously neglected and was slated to be subdivided for residential development. Instead of selling our souls to make a buck, we have worked to create a family farm using sustainable agricultural practices in order to raise quality livestock for people who demand that their food be raised and handled in a non-factory farming environment. This means we do not indiscriminately feed antibiotics, use any sort of hormone or implants and do not overcrowd or mutilate our animals. It is our goal to provide quality livestock for a better way of living.

Listing last updated on Mar 26, 2014

Schedule and Location:

Bloomingdale Farmers Market
1st & R Streets
Washington, DC
9 am to 1 PM Sunday

Bethesda Central Farmers Market
Old Georgetown & Arlington Avenue
Bethesda, MD
9 am to 1 PM Sunday

Crossroads Farmers Market
7676 New Hampshire Avenue
Takoma Park, Maryland
2:30 to 6:00 PM Wednesday

Thoughtful Farmers at the Thoughtlot
Orange and Earl Streets
Shippensburg, PA
3 to 7 PM Thursday

Emmitsburg Farmers Market
South Seton Avenue
Emmitsburg, MD
3 to 7:30 PM Friday

North Square Farmers Market
50 North Main Street
Chambersburg, PA
8 AM to 1 PM Saturday

Schedule and Location:

The farm is open for direct sales the second and fourth Saturday of the off-season months. Hours are from 10 am to 4 pm. Please call or email ahead if you have a specific need to assure its availability.

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