Painted Pasture Farm

Painted Pasture Farm is located on 10 acres in the beautiful hills of West St. Louis County. Named after the rich colors of our vegetables and our beautiful Paint horses, we raise our hens the way nature intended - out in the sun; free to graze in our lush pastures.

We offer our farm fresh brown eggs year-round produced by hens that are free to roam from dawn to dusk and then tucked away in their coop for safety each night. Our hens always have access to fresh water and a flax seed fortified feed ration that makes our eggs rich in Omega-3's! Our feed contains no antibiotics, no hormones, no animal by-products - just a healthy source of protein and calcium to build bright yellow yolks and strong, healthy shells.

In addition to our eggs, we offer a selection of vegetables not found on every farm - we grow celery that is not stringy, has a great water content and is perfect for eating raw, yet stands up to cooking...keeping its crunch! We also provide salsa tomatoes - with less water and seeds than traditional tomatoes, they are perfect for salsa and pico de gallo as well as 6 other heirloom varieties! We maintain a chef-worthy herb garden and offer other vegetable products as well.

New to the farm this year are two heritage breed turkeys - White Holland and Narragansett! These turkeys will be raised on pasture and tucked away into their coop each night for safe keeping! The pasture raised Freedom Ranger broilers have been doing so well, we are planning our next order of one day old chicks!

Our farming practices are sustainable and always take into account the health of our animals, produce and land. Our horses and chickens provide the rich compost that fertilizes our garden and our chickens work the garden by grazing on our cover crops in the off-season.


Listing last updated on Nov 9, 2012

TURKEYS will be READY on NOV18! Order a humanely, pastured raised heritage breed Narragansett and White Holland turkeys for your Thanksgiving Table! All turkeys come with a history and package of herbs fresh from our garden!

Freedom Ranger meat chickens will be available the last weekend in November.

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