Pastoral Plate

Our mission is to offer truly organic, locally raised beef, chicken, lamb and other products to those who want genuine food and who want to know what they are eating. We visit farms and talk with the ranchers. We discuss their farming and animal husbandry techniques and practices, discover what the animals eat, where the farms are situated in the Bay Area, how the animals live, and how they are treated.

Stewards For The Stewards: The second part of our mission, and no less important, is to find a way to maintain this source of food. We need to help the farmers and support their organic practices by becoming a reliable and economically sustainable source of revenue, that is, a very good customer.

We are both a CSA and a meat buying club. We offer tours and also opportunities to work on the farm and build something important such as a new chicken coop.

Listing last updated on Mar 23, 2011

The goal of Pastoral Plate is to bring people together so that we can act collectively to influence the quality of our food, and work to improve the functioning of our local food economy. Consumers are the most potent force in the food supply chain but only if we want to be. We take an assertive stance when it comes to food. Why not build our own distribution chain, take an active part in the creation of our food, support the local farmer, and eat some of the best food on the planet.

Season:  February through December

Type:  3rd party CSA service

Since:  2010

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1/2 Share:  We go to market and obtain best price.

Work Req?  No

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The meat and chicken (when you can get it) was incredibly delicious. I had to play around with cooking time, but there are a few mentions on this on the website under the recipe section.... [more]

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