Patchouli Rose: Plant based all natural Soap

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Patchouli Rose:   Plant based all natural Soap

Patchouli Rose: combination of soulfullness and grace. Plant based all natural Soap

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Patchouli Rose: Let go and pamper yourself in this delightful combination of soulfullness and grace. while imparting Emollients. Non gmo, organic soybean

Mountain Moon soaps are, an all plant based soap that contains some of the finest herbs and essential oils.

Why Soap: Soap acts in a two part process. When water is added, true soap washes away dirt but leaves behind the wonderful emollients we use, like olive, macadamia, palm, jojoba, sesame, coco butter, castor, almond, Shea Butter and coconut oil. Most commercial soap is really detergent and strips and does not leave behind the nourishing ingredients contained in every soap we offer.

Mountain Moon soaps contain NO synthetic ingredients only Essential Oils.

Why Essential Oils: Unlike ingredients in most commercial cremes, lotions and soaps, Essential Oils absorb all the way down to the subcutaneous tissue of the skin, so we can partake of their nourishing qualities. Essential oil is the Life Energy of the Plant.

Mountain Moon products are Cruelty Free. There are no animal products or animal byproducts in any or our creations. We do, however, use herbs grown at our farm whenever possible. 4-5oz bar.

Ingredients: farm grown or farm purchased. Herb infusions from my farm, beezwax and honey from local keepers using no chemicals.