Pato's Dream Date Gardens

Pato's Dream Date Gardens is a 5-acre farm located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. We grow our dates as they were grown in the times of the Bible and Koran, without any artificial chemicals or poisons or pesticides or sprays. We do not use any fumigants or sulfur on our soil or our fruit. We sell our fruit direct from the palm to you - no "washing" or steaming or rehydrating them to puff them up; no processing of any kind - a completely natural fruit. We, the Adair and Paniagua families, are both long-time members of the United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO. We're proud to be producing this unique food for your health and pleasure.

Listing last updated on May 16, 2014

Schedule and Location:

Alhambra California, Sunday's 8:30am - 1:00pm

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'Our "bargain boxes" have smaller sizes, firmer tamar fruit, like a chewy little caramel, great for pocket food, hiking, biking, for the car or a desk at school or work.... [more]

I've been buying dates from a different farm in California via a food co-op for years. Those dates don't even compare to the high quality of the dates from Pato's.... [more]

I have ordered these dates for several years and keep ordering them because they are the best I've ever eaten. Yes, I can buy dates in the stores here in New York but they are just not the same.... [more]

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