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Since 1996 this small family farm has been committed to providing high-quality, healthy poultry and meat in a manner that respects God's creation.

The chickens we raise are treated carefully and naturally from day one. The ration they are fed is one we have formulated from non-GMO corn and soybeans with natural supplements. Their feed does not contain Genetically Modified ingredients, medications, or animal by-products. The pasture they are raised on is pesticide free and managed holistically with rotational grazed cattle. The poultry hoop houses are moved to fresh grass daily to insure healthy birds and pastures. Recently we have started raising our own organically grown grain to supplement what we feed the chickens. When processing day comes around we continue our practice of careful handling to provide fresh, tasty chicken or turkey directly from our farm.

We sell our products from our farm and also in Springfield, Missouri and Rolla, Missouri; as well as several other areas in southeast Missouri.

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Listing last updated on Jul 11, 2014

The fall season of selling fresh chickens will start on September 18 here at the farm. This would be a good year to order turkeys early.

Schedule and Location:

Buy at our farm in southern MO near West Plains, or at a convenient pickup location in Springfield, MO or Rolla, MO.

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I bought a turkey at Peace Valley Poultry and it was the best turkey I've ever eaten. I had no idea turkey could have that texture and flavor. Worth the extra money because we didn't waste a bite!

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