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Peacefully HomeGrown is a "micro-enterprise", which uses peaceful, sustainable, only natural, time-tested methods to grow heirloom, open-pollinated vegetables, flowers, herbs and gourds.

When you buy open-pollinated varieties, you are taking a step towards self-sufficiency, as you can save your own seed and grow your own veggies from your own seed supply, and no longer be dependent upon others for a that particular part of your food requirements. Hopefully seed-saving will "grow" on you!!

I know that Mother Nature knows best and I skip all the icky, chemical stuff. It is my strongest desire that everyone will learn to grow at least a little of their own food, to help out in uncertain times ahead.

I sell my products exclusively thru year-round, and local Flea Markets in spring

I also keep bees, make herbal remedies and create seasoning mixes and herbal vinegars right here at home.

I strongly encourage all people to learn to grow at least a little of their own food. It's so very rewarding to have any degree of food self-sufficiency.

"Peacefully HomeGrown" means that no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers have been used on anything I have grown. No animal products (manure, bone or blood meal, feathers, etc.) have been used either. I strive to live a vegan lifestyle.

I grow only open pollinated plants, and have a penchant for the heirloom varieties. I was into heirlooms before it became the "in" thing to do! I choose open pollinated because I see the need to protect our plants' genetic diversity, plus, they just taste better!!!!



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It's never too early to start thinking about your 2015 garden!! All Peacefully Products are grown without the use of any artificial, chemical product. ONLY sustainable, natural methods are used in all aspects of cultivation. Sorry, Peacefully HomeGrown is not open to the public

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