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Started my bee farm with just a couple of hives and now I have 8 thriving hives. My bees collect nectar from surrounding plants, clover, wild flowers buckwheat and even pear and apple trees, some has described the honey from the fruit trees to having slight lemony or minty flavor, the type of honey depends on what is in bloom.

Honey from wild flowers is light in color and tend to have sweeter taste. The darker honey is a stronger flavor, such as Buckwheat honey.

Honey is good for many things, from minor wounds or cuts, to sore throats, and is even good for those who suffer from allergies especially if it is local honey.

My honey is never heated, and most honey will become hard, known as crystallizing. This does not mean that the honey is bad, set the jar in a bowl of warm water and that should take care of it.

Listing last updated on Aug 24, 2012

Natural Shelby County Ohio Raw Honey! Light and Dark honey. The really light is early / spring honey and medium colored honey is late / fall honey, and the darkest honey is Buckwheat honey!

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If you want delicious, raw honey, get it from Mike! It's reasonably priced, delicious and makes AWESOME cookies!

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