Penis Soak - General

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Penis Soak - General

These washes allow the bacteria to be controlled and killed through the penis. General soak when you experience itching after intercourse.

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Important for men whose female partner may have a female malady such as a yeast infection, cystitis, Gardnerella, Trichomanas, Chlamydia, venereal warts or Urethitis. These bacteria can be passed back and forth between partners not allowing one to fully heal. These washes allow the bacteria to be controlled and killed through the penis. The penis will store the bacteria in the urethra and will re-release it in the female during intercourse.

This is a topical application, penis is sumberged in infusion. This can be done by way of large bowl or sitz bath. Full directions are enclosed with topical.

General soak when you experience itching after intercourse.

One of my best sellers in male products.

Tea Tree Oil may be added to the soak for stronger cleansing. Soak will not sting, burn or cause irritation. It is best to abstain from intercourse while using this soak to ensure all bacteria have been eliminated from the system.

** Please note: this not a preventive against STD's, please be sure to take proper measures in protecting yourself during intercourse. This soak will aid in helping to rid the body of these ailments, however if a virus is contracted it will always be present in your system. This soak may help to reduce outbreaks but will not kill the virus as a whole. The wash will rid the urianry tract of fungus and bacteria that may be passed between partners.

Herbs in this blend: Yarrow, Sage, Lavender, Chapparral Leaf

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