Peppermint Seeds/ Mentha

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Peppermint Seeds/ Mentha

Both peppermint and spearmint will grow indoors satisfactorily under standard fluorescent lamps...

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Peppermint Mentha.

Peppermint and spearmint grow to a height of 12 to 18 inches (30 - 45cm).

Peppermint plants should be spaced 18 to 24 inches (45 - 60cm) apart. Spearmint plants should be placed 36 and 48 inches (90 - 120cm) apart.

Mints will grow in a relatively wide pH range between 5.6 (mildly acidic) and 7.5 (mildly alkaline) with a preferred range between 6.5 and 7.0.

Start seed indoors 8 to 10 weeks prior to last spring frost. Or, sow directly outdoors in partially shaded, moist soil. Propagates best through softwood cuttings. Propagates well through root ball division.

Seed Germination Period 12 to 16 days.

Mints grown outdoors prefers full sun.

Both peppermint and spearmint will grow indoors satisfactorily under standard fluorescent lamps, and exceptionally well under high output fluorescent , compact fluorescent, or high intensity discharge (metal halide or high pressure sodium) plant growing lights. Keep standard fluorescent lamps between 2 and 4 inches from the tops of the plants, high output and compact fluorescents approximately one foot above the plants, and HID lights between 2 and 4 feet above the plants, depending on wattage. Have an oscillating fan gently stir seedlings for at least 2 hours per day to stimulate shorter, sturdier, and more natural plant habit. USDA Hardiness: Peppermint 3a to 7b; spearmint 4a to 11.

Water Requirements: Water on a regular schedule, do not overwater.

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