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Our Peppermint Tea is Grown 100% Chemical free. Cut and ready to use.

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Our 2 oz pouches of Peppermint tea is cut and ready to use for tea or used as bulk for herbal preparations. We carefully and slowly solar dry all of our herbs which preserves the highest potency. Frshly dried and ready to use!

Description: Peppermint plants are an easy growing perennial herb, growing up to 1 meter high, with underground runners and a distinctive menthol fragrance. Peppermint is helpful for nausea and vomiting, stimulates the lymph nodes and is used to treat upper respiratory tract infections and sinusitis.

Tea preparation: Steep 1 tsp herb in 1 cup water for 10-15 minutes. Strain and drink as needed.

Each 2 oz pouch makes 32-36 cups of tea.

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