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In 1992 our family started a hulling station for Black Walnuts through Hammons Products Company. As a child and teenager I had earned money by picking up black walnuts. Our local station closed a few years earlier and we decided we had room to run the hulling station. We were hoping to earn money to travel to Disney World in Florida. Our first year we hulled out 80,000 pounds of walnuts!! I truly enjoyed the work, mostly because of the people we met who brought the walnuts to us. Over the next 14 years we hulled more than 1,000,000 pounds!

In 1997 we started to buy other tree seed such as acorns and hickory nuts for nurseries in the mid and eastern United States. We buy them from some of the same folks who brought us black walnuts. We like the idea of other cities and states growing trees from southern Indiana.

In 2002 we expanded into selling and using two great tools, the Nut Wizard and the Bag A Nut. Wow, what a treat! Black Walnuts and back aches were common and expected. But with the addition of these tools, we felt blessed and eager to do more work!! Later the next year, we realized that not just collectors wanted the tools. We started traveling to fairs and festivals to sell them to people who wanted to clean up tree seed and nuts in their yards.

In 2005 I realized that running the hulling station tied me down too much. Our daughter was headed to Purdue in 2006, and I might want to go visit! So our neighbors agreed to take over the hulling station the next year. We kept selling the tools and seeds and I decided that we might like to do a food product from native trees and nuts. Bill, a friend of mine had suggested persimmon a few years ago. in 2007 we started experimenting with the idea and liked doing it. We found several great people who were growing trees and were interested in selling their fruit to us. Our next project will be to make more products from persimmon and other native nuts and fruits! Yumm!


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