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Given a choice all dogs and cats will prefer tearing away at raw meat than nibbling at dried pet food. And not necessarily choice steak. They are quite happy, if not happier, with all those little morsels most people think as "yucky". A dog will gulp a pound of meat in two seconds flat, no methodical chewing while savoring the flavor, this is because dogs have short digestive tracts and they need bulk to digest as their systems are supposed to.

Cats are even more carnivorous than dogs, and you should be flattered if your cat ever presents you with a freshly killed mouse, it's a gift of maternal cat love. I've got a beautiful 10 year old tabby who thrives on a diet of chicken heads and livers.

The pet food industry is an extension of human food and agricultural industries, or rather a convenient recipient for its waste products. It's a market for offal, grain by-products and a long list of chemicals to make the whole thing look and smell appetizing for your pet.

In all fairness not all dried dog food is bad, if made in small amounts by conscientious people interested in the animal's welfare it can be an excellent supplement to fresh meats. It's those cheaper industrially produced pet foods you should avoid like the plague, they even go as far as using waste oil collected from large-chain junk food restaurants (yes, that's where it goes!).

All-meat diets especially for large dogs, may prove too difficult to keep up, but its getting easier. Some local sources are providing us with ground-up rabbit, dog-grade beef and other meats. The fact that these meats are not prime steak doesn't mean they aren't good for your pet, quite the opposite is true.

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Pet Treats made using the meat of an emu. Has no by-products. A healthy snack for your pets, that they will relish.


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All natural Deer Antler Dog Chews for all ages and sizes.


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