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At Phasian Farms, I raise/breed heritage poultry breeds for the backyard enthusiast. These are birds raised to produce eggs, as well as for enhancement to the landscape & garden--often kept as pets. My focus is heritage & truly rare breeds as well as a few more common ones that I find companionable. All birds are raised with time on pasture, organic feed, tonic herbs, & lots of human interaction. My methodology= raising birds with respect; as naturally as possible without the use of chemicals or commercial antibiotics. Poultry is my passion!

Ducks= 20- Bantams= 30- Standards= 25- (Mixed Breeds are $5 less) Cockerels/Roosters= 5

Presently available- Mixed colours of Runner Ducks- Blue, Chocolate, & Fawn & White-- all female; ages 1 mos.-3 years. (Runners lay for many years...)

My chickens are sold as started pullets with a hen/health guarantee. Chicks and hatching eggs are sometimes available upon request. Pastured eggs for the table are also for sale-- both chicken & duck; will deliver to Portland.

I breed: BANTAMS- Modern Games, Silkies (hoping to develop d'Anver) LARGE FOWL- Ameraucana, Black Copper Marans, Maransaucanas (Marans x Ameraucana aka 'Olive Eggers), Naked Necks, Partridge & Wheaten Penedesenca, Sumatras- some frizzled

Additionally I have a flock of rare coloured (buff dundotte, slate, violet, and chocolate) Guinea Fowl, a flock of mixed colour Indian Runner Ducks (blue, chocolate, pencilled, fawn & white, trout, 'tuxedo' and white-- some crested), and breeding pair of Roman Tufted Geese (as well as a Pilgrim Goose). Guineas are incredible watch dogs, & fantastic at pest control; Runner Ducks are exceptional layers & supremely adapted to our Northwest climate.

Other breeds are sometimes available. If you are seeking a rare breed that you are having difficulty locating, kindly let me know. I am knowledgeable about sources for rare breeds. I also teach workshops on chicken keeping, as well as duck keeping and am available for poultry consultations.

Beyond poultry, the farm is home to Shar Peis, and bettas.

We also grow specialty produce-- often for restaurants in Portland & Dundee/McMinnville. Will grow upon request. Salsify, puntarelle, scuplit, unusual squash, & heirloom beets were favourites last year.

Excellent references from my clients are available.

Please note: Unless you have an appointment for picking up poultry, my schedule/workload does not accommodate for drop-in farm visits.


Listing last updated on Jun 23, 2014

Raiser/Breeder of rare poultry breeds using organic methods. Primary focus is started pullets (& ducks) for the backyard enthusiasts of the Portland metropolitan region. Custom breed requests from poultry keepers welcome! Available to teach Poultry Keeping workshops and will be a APA certified judge in the near future. Member of the APA, PNPA, the ALBC, Marans of America, Penedesenca Breeders Assoc. photo is of a Gold Brabanter Rooster (heritage breed from the Netherlands).

Schedule and Location:

Portland Homestead Supply Company
8012 SE 13th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202

PHSC hosts 'Pullet Days' with breeders of chickens & ducks as well as selling chicks from March-June. Portland Homestead Supply Co. is a great source of knowledge/resources for poultry keepers.

10am-3pm - typically Sundays monthly. Check their store calendar or give them a ring for dates!

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Just wanted to express that I now have a great little flock of the friendliest and prettiest chickens beyond what I hoped to have.

Thanks Michelle! I appreciate your knowledgeable and friendly support.

(This lady raises some sweet birds!)

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