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At Phasian Farms, I raise/breed heritage poultry breeds for the backyard enthusiast. These are birds raised to produce eggs, as well as for enhancement to the landscape & garden--often kept as pets. My focus is heritage & truly rare breeds as well as a few more common ones that I find companionable. All birds are raised with time on pasture, organic feed, tonic herbs, & lots of human interaction. My methodology= raising birds with respect; as naturally as possible without the use of chemicals or commercial antibiotics. Poultry is my passion!

Ducks= 20- Bantams= 30- Large Fowl= 25- (Mixed Breeds are $5 less) Cockerels/Roosters= 5

Presently available- Bantams- White Plymouth Rock pullets

Large Fowl- Sumatra x Marans, Java X Marans pullets

My chickens are sold as started pullets with a hen/health guarantee. Chicks and hatching eggs are sometimes available upon request. Pastured eggs for the table are also for sale-- both chicken & duck; will deliver to Portland.

I breed: BANTAMS- Modern Games, Silkies, Seramas, Black d'Anvers LARGE FOWL- Ameraucana, Black Copper Marans, Maransaucanas (Marans x Ameraucana aka 'Olive Eggers), & Wheaten Penedesenca, Sumatras- some frizzled

Additionally I have a flock of rare coloured (indigo, slate, violet,& chocolate-- as well as pearl) Guinea Fowl, a flock of mixed colour Indian Runner Ducks (blue, chocolate, penciled, fawn & white, trout, 'tuxedo', and white-- some crested), and 2 breeding pairs of Roman Tufted Geese (as well as a Pilgrim Goose). Guineas are incredible watch dogs, & fantastic at pest control; Runner Ducks are exceptional layers & supremely adapted to our Northwest climate.

Other breeds are sometimes available. If you are seeking a rare breed that you are having difficulty locating, kindly let me know. I am knowledgeable about sources for rare breeds. Additionally, I teach workshops on poultry keeping and am available for poultry consultations.

Beyond poultry, the farm is home to rescue Shar Peis.

We also grow specialty produce-- often for restaurants in Portland & Dundee/Newberg/McMinnville. Will grow upon request. Salsify, puntarelle, scuplit, unusual squash, & heirloom beets were favourites last year.

Excellent references from my clients are available.

Please note: Unless you have an appointment for picking up poultry, my schedule/workload does not accommodate for drop-in farm visits.


Listing last updated on Nov 26, 2014

Raiser/Breeder of rare poultry breeds using organic methods. Primary focus is started pullets (& ducks) for the backyard enthusiasts of the Portland metropolitan region. Custom breed requests from poultry keepers welcome! Available to teach Poultry Keeping workshops and will be a APA certified judge in the near future. Member of the APA, PNPA, the ALBC, Marans of America, Penedesenca Breeders Assoc. photo is of a Gold Brabanter Rooster (heritage breed from the Netherlands).

Schedule and Location:

Portland Homestead Supply Company
8012 SE 13th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202

PHSC hosts 'Pullet Days' with breeders of chickens & ducks as well as selling chicks from March-June. Portland Homestead Supply Co. is a great source of knowledge/resources for poultry keepers.

10am-3pm - typically Sundays monthly. Check their store calendar or give them a ring for dates!

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Thanks Michelle! I appreciate your knowledgeable and friendly support.

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