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Here at The Phoenix, we raise happy, healthy animals in a way that Mother Nature would approve! We offer seasonal products grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, steroids, hormones, or unnecessary antibiotics. We come as close to nature as human intervention will allow.

Phoenix Farm is a family-run farm in beautiful western South Carolina. We maintain holistic standards in raising Angora and commercial meat goats, as well as Romeldale/CVM and Katahdin sheep. We also pasture raise a small herd of Dexter cows.

All of our animals are pasture raised to ensure health, vigor, and quality. Our commercial meat goats represent an excellent standard in hardiness to produce both meat and breeding stock. Our colored Angora goats are hand sheared, then each fleece is hand skirted to offer our customers a quality product for their fiber needs. Our endangered Romeldale and CVM wool is "next to skin" soft. The farm's milk and milk products are produced by our LaMancha goats.

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Listing last updated on Jan 15, 2015

Phoenix Farm is proud to be a part of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) effort to protect endandgered livestock species from extinction. Our Romeldale / CVM sheep and Bourbon Red turkeys are species listed as threatened or critical with the ALBC. Spring 2012 will see the addition of American Chinchilla Rabbits and Guinea Hogs -- once the most popular breed of hog in the Southeast whose numbers are now measured in hundreds.

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