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Piedmont Heritage Poultry is your local source in Northern Virginia for selected breeds of heritage poultry chicks. For 2014 we are offering Bourbon Red and Standard Bronze started (5-10 day old) turkey poults. . PHP is a partnership between two farms, Keepstone Farm in Clarke County just outside Berryville, Virginia, and Small Little Farm in Fauquier County, just outside Warrenton, Virginia. We strive to support a healthy agriculture system by raising heritage breeds to preserve the biodiversity found in heritage livestock, and to provide a local source for selected breeds of heritage poultry to meet the demand for those who just want one or a few heritage breed chicks.

Our breeding stock is kept at Keepstone Farm, while the eggs are incubated and hatchlings given their start in life at Small Little Farm. We are members of The Livestock Conservancy and the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association.

We raise our own breeding stock, incubate, and hatch their eggs. We select our breeders for high quality. We look for good health, ability to mate naturally, correct breed characteristics, and production attributes. Our breeders are happily pastured during the non-egg laying season. During the breeding season, breeding trios are placed in roomy, ground level pens to control parentage of the eggs and to allow continued expression of natural behaviors. We also let our hens raise the last clutch of eggs at the end of the season to ensure we are retaining good maternal instinct in our breeding stock. Our breeding stock is hearty and maintained outside year round with three-sided covered shelters for refuge from adverse weather conditions. Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs protect our Poultry from predators.

We will custom raise a limited number of poults to slaughter age for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but can not guarantee sex or finished weight of table birds (buyer responsible for slaughter). If you are interested in a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey, please email us at PHP for availability. Limited number, order early!

We rotate out our oldest turkey breeding stock every year. We offer the retired breeders for sale in the fall of their third (for hens) and fourth (for toms) year. These breeders are still young enough to produce for another year or so. If you would like a proven breeder to help start your own flock, please contact us at PHP for availability. Limited number, available for pickup in fall.


Listing last updated on Mar 18, 2014

Your local source in Northern Virginia for selected breeds of heritage poultry chicks, no minimum order restrictions. For 2014 we are offering Bourbon Red and Standard Bronze started turkey poults. After hatching, we keep the baby poults for a few days to ensure they are eating, drinking, and thriving, before releasing them for sale--we start them for you! Order form is available on our website. Pickup of poults is at Small Little Farm just outside Warrenton, VA. Grow your own turkey!

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