Piedmontese Association Of The United States

Elsberry, Missouri

Piedmontese Association Of The United States

Our mission is to promote, stimulate, encourage, develop and regulate the breeding of the Piedmontese cattle in the United States. The American Heart Association recommends 300 mg of dietary cholesterol per day. One serving (3.5 oz.) of F1-Piedmontese Beef amounts to less than 21% of this daily allowance. Beef is a valuable source of dietary iron, zinc and protein. Being lower in fat means being lower in calories. USDA tests confirm that Piedmontese F1 Beef is genetically lower in fat than other breeds. (USDA MARC GermPlasm Evaluation) Home grown Antibiotic-Free, hormone free, beef for sale.

Listing last updated on Mar 31, 2004

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