Pinyon Pine Cone Essential Oil

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Pinyon Pine Cone Essential Oil

Pinyon Pine Essential Oil - 100% Fresh Pine Cone Distillation

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Wild. Pure. Incredible - Distilled on our farm from pinon pine nut cones - fresh 2013 harvest, unbelievable purity and clarity in this essential oil that magically transports you into the middle of the pinyon forest. The essential oil helps with peace and tranquility, and brings life to any room. A drop or two on a napkin in your drawers or car drives out any unwanted insects and refreshes your senses.

Our objective is 100% utilization of our pine nut harvest. After extracting the seeds, we make essential oil from the cones and are in the process of working on fire starter from the biomass remain after distillation. DOING MORE WITH LESS

Pine cone extracts are known for their anti-botic and anti-fungal properties. It has been documented to kill the H1 Flue virus. WELL KNOWN HISTORICALLY FOR ANTISEPTIC PROPERTIES. LIKE PINESOL USED TO HAVE

Wild crop harvests including pine nuts, both those from New Mexico and those from Nevada, hickory nuts, mushrooms, witch hazel distillate or hydrosol. Made from freshly harvested leaves and twigs while the plant is in its prime. Our witch hazel is harvested while it is at its prime in a remote 150,000 acre private forest and quickly distilled using steam. We have our product tested and it is extremely pure. This is nothing like industrial witch hazel - 100% natural alcohol free (see what denaturing alcohol does to it).

Biodiversity Protected Through Wild Harvests - certified sustainable wild crops