Pitaya Dragon Fruit Organic

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Pitaya Dragon Fruit Organic

A sweet, unique cactus fruit, with a light floral taste. Similar in size as a large kiwi and consumed in a similar manner.

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Season: Aug-Sep 

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Season: Aug-Sep 

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Pitaya, Pitahaya or Dragon Fruit. A cactus fruit appreciated for it's delicate and refreshing light floral flavor and variety of dazzling colors. The ripe fruit is about the same size as a large kiwi and is consumed in a similar mode, seeds and all. It can be used as a dessert, in salads or as a fruit drink ingredient or consumed solo as a quick thirst-quenching snack. A short six-week season. This one has a pink exterior and white interior with little black seeds. A very healthy fruit to eat.

Note: You do not eat the outside, this is a very sensitive, delicate fruit. During shipment, if bumped around the outside edges of the skin may turn black... we pick and ship pitaya only on Mondays to insure you get it quickly. Please refrigerate immediately upon receipt. :)

All fruits & vegetables are naturally grown using organic fertilizing techniques, rain water from the mountains and old fashioned farm labor. All produce is NON GMO.

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