Plaid Piper Farm LLC

The farm has been in our family for 7 generations. It is located in picturesque Sussex County.

We currently offer grass fed, grass finished beef, pastured pork, turkey, and eggs. We raise one flock of turkeys, ready for Thanksgiving but they freeze well and stay delicious for many months later.. Our pork is ready in late summer/early fall. All of our products are raised naturally without the use of added antibiotics, hormones or pesticides.

They have free access to the outdoors, fresh air and sunshine and are provided with species-appropriate feed, a natural vitamin/mineral supplement, clean water, shelter from weather, and protection from predators.

Please order as soon as possible in the beginning of the year as we sell out quickly. See our website for our order form and more information.

Bring your family for a tour. Bring a lunch and enjoy the last frontier of NJ for the day.

Listing last updated on May 30, 2013

Grass finished beef, pastured pork, turkey and eggs. All raised naturally and sold directly to the consumer.

Schedule and Location:

Eggs are available year round at our 'drive up' egg refrigerator located in the side of the red barn (under the egg sign)

Turkey - November (for Thanksgiving)
Pork - late summer/early fall
Beef - mid-summer/fall
Hours by appointment - please call or email
See website for exact product availability

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I was at Plaid Piper yesterday to pick up my pork order and a broiler which I know will all be out of this world. Next up turkey pick up and lamb pick up.... [more]

I am ordering the biggest turkey I can get from Plaid Piper Farm!! Last year it was gone before everyone went to bed!! Best turkey ever...order early so you don't miss out!

This is it folks. If you've read Joel Salatin, Micheal Pollan, Barbara Kingsolver....watched Food Inc and Fresh, this it the best stuff right here in our own back yard.... [more]

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