Plantain Leaf

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Plantain Leaf

Fresh harvest!! This is the whole, broad leaf plantain from my property. J

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Plantain leaf (Greater Plantain, Plantago Major, ) common names: Broad leaf plantain, common plantain, Englishman's foot,white-man's foot, waybread, greater plantain, devil's shoestring, bird seed, snakeweed, ribgrass, ribwort, soldiers herb. This is NOT the same as the banana-like fruit plantain.

The Indians called plantain white man's foot because the plant, with its rosette of ribbed leaves and its seed stalks somewhat resembling miniature cattails, seemed to follow the white settlers wherever they went.

Plantain leaf is a vulnerary (a wound plant) and in everyday life is used in salves for wounds and cuts. The Shoshone Indians made poultices of the whole leafs and applied them for battle bruises. The Indians of southern Massachusetts applied plantain leaves both for wounds and to draw out the poison of snakebites. Plantain has tannin and allantoin. A plantain infusion can be used as a soothing wash for sunburn, windburn, rashes and wounds. Easy instructions are included to make this infusion.

This herb is sold for external use only. I don't suggest taking this herb internally.

my plantain leaf is hand picked and is whole leaf, not cut.

Grown organically without the use of pesticides, herbicides, etc.

1 ounce = 1 quart freezer bag; 4 oz = 1 gallon freezer size bag

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