Poblano Pepper Seeds

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Poblano Pepper Seeds

This heart shaped, mildly hot pepper is called Poblano when used fresh. As a dried pepper it is referred to as Ancho.

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(Capsicum Poblano)

The poblano pepper is often spelled pablano because of pronunciation and differing dialects in various regions of the world. The Poblano is a pepper of many uses including salsa, grilling, stir fried or stuffed for chile rellenos and substituted in any dish for bell pepper. Approximately 80 days to maturity.


Fruit:4-8 inch pepper
Lifecycle:1    (0: N/A, 1: annual, 2: perennial, 3: biennial)
Height:2 - 3 feet
Diameter:18 inches
Container Planting:no

Cultural Requirements:

USDA Zones:3 to 11
Propagation / Germination:12 - 20 days
Spacing:18 to 24 inches

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