Poison Ivy Soap (Jewelweed Soap)

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Poison Ivy Soap (Jewelweed Soap)

Poison ivy? Use this medicinal, herbal soap right away and minimize your chances of getting the rash! Really works!

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This medicinal soap contains several herbs including jewel-weed extract, witch hazel extract, white oak extract with vitamin E and aloe in a glycerin base. When used within thirty minutes or so of getting into poison ivy, will minimize the rash, and sometimes you won't even get one at all! Amazing how this works!

Fun Fact: Wherever poison ivy grows, there is usually jewel-weed growing close by! Jewel-weed is the natural remedy for poison ivy. It is in the same family as impatiens, and the seeds burst forth from pods as impatiens seeds do. If you have trouble with poison ivy, you should give this soap a try.

I also sell live herb plants locally only, please contact me for more information or see me at market, as I do not ship live plants! Most of my herbs are priced from $3 and up.

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