Poplar Creek Pastured Poultry

We are a small pastured/free range poultry farm with a focus on these heritage breeds: Delaware chickens, Bourbon Red turkeys, and Buff Ducks (What are the benefits of heritage poultry? Using heritage breeds helps in their conservation (Delawares are listed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy as"Threatened", Bourbon Reds as "Watch", and Buff Ducks as "Threatened").

Their longer grow-out period makes them more flavorful. They are free ranged (or in moveable pens called tractors), allowed a more natural and nutritious diet, and do not have the health issues that the breeds used in commercial as well as most organic, pastured production have. The commercial hybrid strains grow so quickly that they can develop heart and leg problems, they are bred this way for efficient use of feed and large amounts of white meat - economic for farmers, not so good for the birds!

We also raise various non-heritage breeds such as colored rangers for meat and layers that lay different colored eggs, but will breed on farm the aformentioned heritage breeds.


Listing last updated on Jan 28, 2015

Now signing up for CSAs for the 2015 season!! www.poplarcreekpoultry.webs.com

Season:  June through November

Type:  single farm

Since:  2011

# of Shares:  15

Full Share:  $265- 6 month Summer CSA

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Farm hours by appointment.

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