With genetisists able to put different species genes into different species, "each kind after its own kind" takes on new meaning. The American POSM Horse Association is about preserving the first American breed registry horse and first existant American horse - the original old type Morgan horse or POSM Horse (Preservation Old Style Morgan) Horse. Why? This horse was instrumental in the founding of this nation. He was the original Justin Morgan horse - Figure. He skidded logs out of the woods, worked on farms, was driven on insufferable roads long distances, raced, etc.. He had a spirited gentle nature that was intelligent, honest, durable, easy keeper, powerful, had longevity, etc.. So what does this have to do with food? Horse farmers, homesteaders, small family ranchers, those who work the wood lots and must travel the roads need such animals again. We help find and help you breed the POSM Horse. Our organization is not about consumerism, but sustainability. We do not preserve pedigrees. But, we preserve one type of horse - the Old Type Morgan horse- the POSM Horse. We are not about cross breeding but Preservation for primary work and helping those who would do the same. Primary work is working the soil and its related endeavors for one's primary livelihood. We are not about sport, show or pleasure (although the POSM is used for many purposes by his various owners). But, we are all agreed we breed to preserve the POSM Horse for primary work. We are not interested in preserving pedigrees, but in preserving the original old type Morgan for primary work on small family craft farms, homesteads, ranches, the woods and on the roads, etc.. Use of pedigrees is a tool. We ask all that would help to help. That we may preserve something important from the past that is sustainable in hard times for the present and future.


Listing last updated on Sep 23, 2006

Preservation of the original old type Morgan horse- Figure. Not pedigrees of his descendants that look and act more like other breeds Figure was bred to, but the progenitor- the POSM Horse. We do not cross breed because we have found the best all around small family craft farmer's, homesteader's, small rancher's, woods worker's, roadster's ideal farm horse. There are other organizations for that. The POSM Horse is rarely known and we choose to preserve him for primary work or sustainability in uncertain times and because he should be preserved. He was instrumental in the founding of America and can be again in preserving what matters. He is small, intelligent, gentle, powerful, honest, durable, willing, an easy keeper, has longevity, etc.. He is ideal for raising inexpensive food, wood lot, road production, etc.. Join us and help us help you save the POSM Horse for scalable, sustainable primary work.

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