Prairie Birthday Farm

Prairie Birthday Farm includes heirloom and wild fruit and nut trees and bushes; reconstructed tall grass prairie (as habitat for beneficial insects, amphibians, and birds; soil builder; rainwater capture), honeybees; permanent raised-bed heirloom vegetable gardens; culinary herb and edible flower gardens; as well as bramble/vine gardens. Pastured chickens and ducks share rotation-paddock pastures for two horses and all provide on-farm compost production. The exquisitely flavored, healthy food is sold to area residents and to discerning chefs at local restaurants. Internships, tours and edible landscape consulting available.

The Farm is a 15-acre, biodiverse, sustainable farm and land stewardship effort, which strives to mimic nature with a permaculture design and diversity of species. It is comprised of inner-related eco-systems, not just organic monocultures. The challenges of weather, insects and diseases are resisted by virtue of the Farm being a system of multiple healthy systems of microbes, soil, plants and animals that communicate, cooperate, self-organize and become mutually supportive.


Listing last updated on Sep 15, 2014

All orders are custom harvested. This is a small farm with artisan quantities. Exquisite flavor means healthy food. Unique items include wild plum, aronia berry, persimmon, paw paw, wild greens (chickweed, henbit, dandelion, lambsquarters) and more. Fruit woods for smoking include paw paw, persimmon, hickory, wild black cherry, rose, fig, blueberry, kiwi, apple, pear, peach, Concord grape. Tablescapes of vintage vessels with seasonal items from the Farm will add charm to your event.

Schedule and Location:

By arrangement.

Directly marketed to Kansas City region chefs.

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Prairie Birthday Farm is a true labor of love & we, the buyers, are abundantly blessed by it! The food produced there is bursting with flavor. I never knew salad greens, for example, could have any taste, let alone be flavorFUL! Everything I have tasted from the farm is exceptional & there couldn't be a more pleasant, knowledgeable farmer from which to buy than Linda.

I am new to this area and so happy to find Prairie Birthday Farm products. I moved from Manhattan, Kansas and had Kansas State and their Agg. department foods available.... [more]

For years, everything I've gotten from Prairie Birthday Farm is consistently top quality. Also, there's never a doubt about any pesticide residue issues, since no chemicals are used. Highly recommended.

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