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Welcome to Prairie Road Organic Seed! We are dedicated to sustainability, resilience, and seed! We continually select our open pollinated seed for hardiness, earliness, vigor, quality, and taste. Anything that doesn't perform is culled out; so you benefit by only receiving our best seed!

All of our seed is grown on our farm near Fullerton, ND, which has been certified organic since 1977. Our certifying agency is International Certification Services in Medina, ND. We began producing certified organic vegetable seed for organic seed companies in 1997.

We are proud to offer our seed direct to gardeners and market growers under our own label, Prairie Road Organic Seed! Thank you for supporting regionally grown, open-pollinated seed!

Listing last updated on Jan 20, 2015

Certified organic, northern-grown, open-pollinated, vegetable seed! Certified organic in 1977, we have grown for other organic garden seed catalog companies since 1997. We are professional seed growers. All the seed we sell is grown, cleaned, and packed right here on our farm. Our seed is selected every growing season for high germination, seedling vigor, hardiness, agronomic performance, quality traits, and taste. Our goal is high-quality seed that pays you back in high-quality perform

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A list of seed rack locations in ND, SD, and MN coming soon!

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I ordered 3 different types of tomato seeds and they all germinated within 3 - 5 days. This is the first time I have ever had seeds germinate so quickly.... [more]

I am fortunate to live very close to this farm and for several years been able to buy a very limited number of these squash directly from the Podolls. I have taken them, in my suitcase, to several family celebrations including, New York, Germany and Oregon.... [more]

Prairie Road Organic Seed Farmers understand the importance of farming organically -- to be "a part of nature, rather than apart from it." They are dedicated to their land, crops and seed, and recognize the resilient value of biodiversity.... [more]

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