Premium Silky Organic Hawaii Kiawe Honey

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Premium Silky Organic Hawaii Kiawe Honey

This white honey has been labeled "The best honey in the world" by honey connoisseurs. We think you'll be delighted as well!

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 6.25 oz. Premium Silky$26.99

Season: May-Nov 

from: Molokai Meli

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Lovely 6.25 oz. jar. Premium Silky is the latest product from the apiaries of Molokai Meli. We've taken our certified organic gourmet raw kiawe honey and produced an incredible delight for your palette. We select the premium white honey that comes from the early kiawe blossoms than "age" to jars to create a mouth-watering sensational honey. As with all of our bottled honey, it still goes straight from the hive to the jar without the use of heat or filtering devices.

Premium Silky is like nothing you've ever tasted, yet brings back meories of all the good things in life. Its melt-in-your-mouth smoothness is reminiscent of the cotton candy you used to wait all year for. It has a simple sweetness that someow sends warm fuzzies all the way down like Grandma's sugar cookies you could smell from her front porch. Its purity and wholesome goodness bring back memories of Mom's whole wheat bread fresh from the oven. Try a spoonful and see where it takes you back to........

All of our honey is harvested from kiawe forests on the remote Hawaiian island of Molokai. The colonies that produced this honey were hand gathered from the wild on this beautiful island to preserve the integrity of the apiary. The hives are taken from the wild and transported to kiawe forests. Here the bees produce the highly prized light and sweet kiawe honey that has been sought after for years by locals and tourists alike.

As we say in Hawaii "Mahalo Nui Loa" or thank you very much for your patronage

Premium Silky Kiawe Honey is now available! This is a mouth-watering delight like you've never experienced. Premium Silky is like our famous gourmet kiawe honey in a smooth silky consistency that melts in your mouth. The special aging process and clear honey produce a white honey that is quite rare in color, consistency, and flavor.

We're all about local organic honey, raw and unfiltered. There is currently a shortage on Kiawe honey, so get yours while supplies last!