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Our farm has been a Kona coffee farm for 150 years since the early plantations, and then the Japanese immigrant farm families. We have trees that are over 100 years old. Our Kona coffee cherry is only harvested when it is perfectly ripe and red like a bright cherry! We have won awards for the quality of our Kona coffee. We sell only 100% pure Kona coffee.

The day starts early on our farm in the early morning sunshine. The afternoon rains may be gentle and last 15 minutes or torrential and last hours. The Hawaiian goddess Pele guides our cultivation of the Kona coffee and brings us the best every year.

We welcome visitors and guests. We offer work exchange and paid stays. Free tours are always available.

We also offer a "sponsor a tree program" where you receive a specified amount of 100% Kona coffee weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly as you choose.

We also offer 100% Kona coffee green beans for sale to the home roaster!

Listing last updated on Jul 11, 2008

100% Kona Coffee, the REAL THING! We strive to provide only the very best experience of our 100% Kona coffee and Hawaiian aloha!

Schedule and Location:

On our farm we welcome visitors and sell Kona coffee direct to the public. We also sell online, by telephone, and postal mail.

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We, my wife Yoko and I, grow 100% Kona coffee, on our 7 acres farm, on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are located in the South Kona district, like a township, in Honaunau (neighborhood) or Captain Cook (village).... [more]

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