Providence Creek Farm (Formerly: Chicken Worth Eating)

Clarence Center, New York
Family Farm

Providence Creek Farm (Formerly: Chicken Worth Eating)

Providence Creek Farm (formerly Chicken Worth Eating) is a farm located in Clarence Center, NY. We are a family farm run by the Gehl family. We raise pastured Chickens, Pigs, Rabbits, Eggs, and Turkeys.

Pastured Chicken Our chickens are pasture raised, which means that they live in a large floor-less pen giving the birds access to fresh grass and bugs. Each day we move the pens to clean grass and give the birds some supplemental grain. Their meat is high quality and since the birds "eat their salad" they are very high in the good cholesterol and low in the bad. The stock made from these birds has an amazing rich flavor.

We process everyone of our chickens on site and by hand. We use plenty of clean, cold water, and make sure we only process chickens in small batches to prevent any contamination. I am proud to be able to look my customers in the eye and hand them a chicken that I know is safe for their family. If you are ever up to it, we would be happy to have you come out on processing day.

Pastured Pork We raise our pigs out doors with access to deeply bedded pens during the winter. During the summer months our pigs our rotated through pasture. Our pigs are not fed any commercial grains. They obtain a market weight by foraging on our pastures, excess produce from generous local farmers, day-old breads and bagels from local bakeries, hay, produce trimmings, and whey and cheese left over from cheese production from a local cheese factory. None of our animals are given growth hormones or routine antibiotics. The flavor of pigs is greatly influenced by their diet and (we think) our pigs taste amazing.

We sell our pigs by the cut or by the whole or half. Cuts are available on the farm from our freezer. The price for a whole or half is based on the "hanging weight." The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after all the inedible parts have been removed. Because our animals are pasture raised it is very difficult to guess their weights. We anticipate our hanging weights to be about 180 to 200 pounds. This link has very good information regarding what you should expect from a half a pig:

We will have a few batches of pigs throughout this coming year.

Pastured Eggs Our laying hens live in a mobile coop that we move around the farm. Our laying hens help break the parasite cycle of the pigs and cows. By moving the coop we also ensure that our chickens have access to fresh grass of other forage. The carotene and other nutrients show up in the yolks of our eggs which are bright orange. You will love the difference!

Pastured Rabbit One of the growing areas of our farm is our pasture fed rabbits. Raised in pens similar to our chickens, rabbit meat is prized for its flavor and nutritional qualities. Rabbit meat is also sought after by high-end restaurants and chefs. Be apart of the renaissance of rabbit meat.

We are also growing our herd of grass-fed beef, but it will be a couple of years before we will have enough supply to sell our beef. During 2014, we will be plan to raise pastured turkeys during the summer in addition to traditional Thanksgiving turkey. We plan to offer this as whole turkey and ground turkey. We also hope to raise a small herd of goats. Let us know if that is something you might be interested in. Lastly, we have started our herd of Scottish highland cattle. It will be a couple years before we will be selling our beef to the public. As as farm continues to grow, we hope to offer more, so stay tuned!


Listing last updated on Jan 29, 2014

Pastured Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Rabbit, and Eggs - Purchase the best quality meat you can buy, processed on site or by our local artisan butcher, directly from the farmers hands to yours. Healthy meat, great flavor, safe and clean.

Season:  May through November

Type:  single farm

Since:  2012

Full Share:  Varies by weight, see our website.

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Farmers' Market at the Williamsville Mill

We will be at the Farmers' Market at the Williamsville Mill every Saturday from 8am - 12:30pm.

The market is located at 56 E. Spring St.
Williamsville, NY 14221

Schedule and Location:

10800 Rapids Rd
Clarence Center, NY 14032

Hours vary, please call 716.393.9344

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