Pure Fully Refined Emu oil

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Pure Fully Refined Emu oil

Deep penetrating oil, non-irritating, and highly moisturizing for dry skin problems. Excellent for burns, swelling & inflammation.

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Pure Refined Emu Oil is a deep penetrating, non-irritating, highly moisturizing, 100% natural nutritional supplement for your skin. Emu Oil contains oleic acid, which reduces inflammation as well as Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids that are well known to support the nutritional needs of your skin.

Emu oil is very effective on burns of all types including sunburn, 1st and 2nd degree burns and burns caused from radiation therapy. Emu oil alleviates the pain from burns as well as the scarring and blistering.

Arthritis patients have found that Emu Oil reduces their swelling and inflammation and comforts stiff muscles and joints.

Those afflicted with psoriasis and eczema like the moisturizing and therapeutic properties of Emu Oil as it reduces redness, itching and scaling associated with these maladies.

Many professional sports teams and the United States Olympic teams have begun to use Emu oil in their training rooms for sprains, muscle strains, ligament injuries and massages because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

When ingested, Emu oil has been reported to lower cholesterol by balancing out the saturated fats in our diets.

The unique properties of Emu Oil:

  • Promotes faster healing due to rapid absorption
  • Penetration enhanced for topical skin products
  • Stimulates skin immune system
  • Rapid skin cell rejuvenation
  • Anti-inflammatory activity
  • Significant scar reduction
  • Does not clog pores
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    Kalaya Emu Estates products are raised naturally, without hormones or antibiotics for health conscious people.