RAW Pure New York Honey 12oz Fancy Cap Summer

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RAW Pure New York Honey 12oz Fancy Cap Summer

Wide mouth jar, , milkweed, & other mid-summer flowers.

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SUMMER wildflowers- basswood blossom, wild clovers- Sweet, mild spicy, light yellow. Harvested July 2014. In a wide mouth glass jar, floral design lid from Switzerland.

Honey is semi-solid to solid consistency.

Sweet with floral undertones. Strained. Unpastuerized.

NOTE: Since the honey is unheated, granulation or crystallizing occurs; to re-liquify, place in hot water.

Seaway Trail Honey apiary honeybees gather the nectar for its artisan products from the wetlands, open meadows, grasslands and forested areas close by the shores of Lake Ontario. Pure, natural, untreated and strained, not filtered.

NOTE: Pollen analysis done by the Palynology Lab at Texas A&M University, additional info on request.

All natural & unpasteurized. Packed with care!