Purebred Icelandic White 2 Ply Handspun

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Purebred Icelandic White 2 Ply Handspun

Very soft. Very white. Dyes beautifully if this is your pleasure.

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Very soft. Very white with a just a little touch of black accent. Icelandic sheep come in 17 colors and patterns so they are never just all white or all black - which makes the yarn have dimension and adds a little surprise!

Icelandic sheep are one of the world's oldest and purest breeds of sheep. Throughout their 1200 years of history starting with the Vikings, they have remained one of the few multi-purpose breeds, treasured for their meat, milk, and fiber. We started our flock 8 years ago and fell in love with these gentle, beautiful animals!

Iceland is best known for their wool around the world. The Icelandic sheep's wool is of a dual character: a fine soft undercoat (thel) & a long coarser coat (tog). Their fiber is extremely soft to begin with and after washing & wearing, the wool "blooms" & becomes even softer.

First our raw wool is processed at a wonderful "green" Colorado Mill, Lonesome Stone Natural Fiber Mill, Granby, where extra steps are employed to make a superior product--a knitter or weavers' dream. Then our very own artisans spin the roving into a 2 ply Sport Weight yarn and set the twist in Cherry Creek Farm's lavender water.

Average yank is 90 yards and 3.5 oz. Two ply.

Will be shipping USPS First Class or Priority Mail, depending on the quantity ordered.

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