Queen Anne's Lace Wildflower 100's of Seeds

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Queen Anne's Lace Wildflower 100's of Seeds

Well known contraceptive, great companion for vegetables, aid for kidney and bladder afflictions, and beautiful too!

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Queen Anne's Lace, or 'Daucus Carota' AKA Wild Carrot, and Birds Nest is a biennial which usually blooms from May through September.

The beautiful lacy flowers which range in size from 1" to 7-8" are so named due to the single, tiny red flower at their center, which represents the drop of blood where Queen Anne pricked herself when making the lace. (Queen's work??) Funny, in the UK they don't even refer to it as QAL, they call it Wild Carrot.

The plant has been documented to increase production of tomatoes when planted nearby, also, due to it's large size, the plant provides a microclimate of cooler, moister air, when planted with lettuce.

Ingestion of the seeds has been used as a potent and effective contraceptive for over 2000 years. If this is your intended use, I recommend further research than I can offer here.

Beneficial in the treatment of kidney and bladder disease, and as a topical treatment for sores and skin ulcers.

Another interesting fact----QAL will draw and absorb color from the water it is in, just as carnations do!!

This is one of my favorite cut flowers, I have loved them all of my life. I remember as a child, I would always peek underneath the flower, because more ofter than not, there would be a ladybug hiding there. Another GOOD thing!

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