R Farm of Northwest Ohio

As a small, family farming operation, we are dedicated to providing quality products for our customers and individualized care for our animals. By some standards, the R Farm method may be more time consuming, but we believe the all-natural way is the best route to beef that can truly be called premium quality.

​R Farm natural beef is tender, healthy and nutritious. Our steers are fed a non-GMO corn diet with no growth hormones.

We love what we do, and our customers enjoy the results. Whether you try R Farm beef for your freezer or R Farm canned beef for your pantry, we hope you'll agree.

Listing last updated on Jan 22, 2015

Each can of R Farm beef contains 28 oz. of fully-cooked, natural beef with no artificial ingredients. Our premium beef chunks are tender and contain no added water, meaning you get more of what you pay for...beef.

  • Fully cooked, so it's great for a quick family meal that's also healthy & delicious
  • No refrigerator or freezer space required, stores right in your pantry
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Perfect for emergency supplies & camping
  • Federally inspected

  • Schedule and Location:

    Pick up is available at R Farm. Please contact us to schedule a time.

    R Farm Canned Beef Chunks-28 oz.
    (From $12.00)
    Each can contains 28 ounces of fully-cooked, R Farm natural beef with no artificial ingredients & no added water.


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    After trying this product for the first time, we were thrilled with the quality and taste. Also, our purchase shipped very quickly. We are ordering again. R Farms gets an A+ for their fine canned beef.

    we tried 5 cans a month or so ago. we were pleased with the product as the beef was lean and tasty. we have reordered. for a canned meat product this is a good one.. 5 stars

    I have never purchased beef in a can before because I am very particular about where my beef comes from and what they are fed.....as well as, how the animals are treated.... [more]

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