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The Lazy R / Z Ranch is located 7 miles northeast of Cortez on the west side of the Dolores highway at 15509 Hwy 145, Dolores CO 81323. At the Ranch we raise is all natural grass fed beef. This way of operating is a family tradition. In 1969 Ramon and Betty Ziegler moved from the Ohio to start a life of farming and ranching in Southwest Colorado. Raising a handful of cattle and a garden primarily for the purpose of feeding our family. At that time they didn't have the food labels that they do today such as whole foods, organic, all natural, or grass fed. So many changes have taken place in the food industry and gone are the simple old ways of doing things. But at the Lazy R / Z Ranch we continue to raise our beef in the simple old fashion way. Ramon and Betty's grandson Josh Boren and his Wife Gina have taken over the Ranch and continue to carry on the same practices. All our beef is born and raised on the natural grasses and pastures located at the ranch. Pastures are frequently rotated to prevent over grazing. We never add any artificial supplements to their diet, and unlike the high volume breakneck operations and feedlots feeding America today, we have never used any growth hormones, or any steroids. Which many believe is transferred to the people who consume it. Another very common practice in the cattle industry is to grain feed or feed other unnatural diets to their cattle in some cases using animal byproduct. Which is now known to be the cause of BSE or Mad Cow Disease. Feeding grain can break down a cow's digestive system and cause it to get sick and often it will need antibiotic injections just to survive, again passing the drug to those who consume it. We graze our cattle on grass, and in the winter feed grass hay cut from the same all natural fields. That’s it! We believe in our beef and feed this beef to our children as well as our customers. Harvesting and dry aging takes place in the spring so we sell our beef at the Cortez and Dolores Farmers Markets and out of our home store throughout the summer. All beef is individually packaged, frozen, and priced accordingly. Cuts vary from our premium ground beef, a variety roasts, and most steak cuts. Due to the nature of our line of work we do not have business hours. So calling ahead is recommended. We can be reached by phone at (970) 882.0141. The Farmers market run throughout the summer, Cortez is on Saturday mornings in the courthouse parking lot, and in Dolores on Wednesday afternoons in front of the Depot.


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Cortez, Dolores Farmers Markets Sat at Cortez Courthouse and Weds. at Dolores Depot parking lot. Also available at home office 15509 Hwy 145 throughout year if available.

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