Ramona Worm Castings

Ramona Worm Castings is a producer of quality worm castings. We use only the best of red whiggler worms and care for them like you would your pet or stock animal.

Worm Castings are a high quality living soil amendment created by organic processes. Advantages of usng castings can include: * Will not burn plants or roots * Reduced irrigation costs * Increases soil moisture retention * No ground water contamination * Can be applied to phosphate sensitive areas * Suppresses fungal diseases * Odor free

If you are interested in reducing dependency on chemicals, using less water, lowering maintenance costs, or increasing plant health and fruit yields - Castings may be the answer you've been looking for.

We feel our mission is to rejuvenate the soil of the earth, providing rich fertile growth medium for all plants.

Listing last updated on Jan 25, 2008

Five pounds - $3.00 Ten pounds - $5.00 (Shipped anywhere in USA - $9.00) One Cubic Foot (35+lbs) $15.00 (Call about shipping) One Cubic Yard Raw Castings (27 cu ft) $200.00 (Call for delivery arrangements)

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